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US-6063370-A: Macromolecular complexes for drug delivery patent, US-6101798-A: Combined right-of-way mower and chemical application apparatus and method patent, US-6113585-A: Hair removal system patent, US-6349809-B1: Twin clutch rear axle torque distributing system patent, US-6354927-B1: Micro-adjustable wafer retaining apparatus patent, US-6365893-B1: Internal calibration of time to mass conversion in time-of-flight mass spectrometry patent, US-6388853-B1: Method and apparatus providing final test and trimming for a power supply controller patent, US-6470619-B1: Scent dispensing device patent, US-6481283-B1: Coriolis oscillating gyroscopic instrument patent, US-6497642-B1: Mandrel and tooling replacement and apparatus therefor patent, US-6509195-B1: Electrochemoluminescent detector patent, US-6618577-B2: Sheet guiding device with electromagnetic shield plate serving as one guide surface and image forming apparatus including the same patent, US-6705283-B1: Throttle body comprising a butterfly with a spot face patent, US-6721803-B1: Method, system and program for using application programs in multiple computers to render attachments for a fax job patent, US-6747423-B2: Circuit configuration to operate a gas discharge lamp patent, US-3887366-A: Cyanine pigments in electrophotographic processes patent, US-3941025-A: Electronic expression device for producing tremulant effect patent, US-3967774-A: Carton lid having easily openable, non-resealable tab patent, US-3999679-A: Mounting cover patent, US-4015416-A: Method and device for cutting rove at doffing in flyer frame patent, US-4027587-A: Pulley construction for high speed printer belt patent, US-4074419-A: Printed wiring board with angled portion and its method of manufacture patent, US-4124340-A: Control of pipe tension between extruder die and take-up coiler patent, US-4129302-A: Game of skill patent, US-4183224-A: Method and apparatus for temperature and humidity control within a chamber patent, US-4187061-A: Rotary helical fluid motor with deformable sleeve for deep drilling tool patent, US-4221962-A: Fiber-optic moisture sensor for composite structures patent, US-4231379-A: Ash tray patent, US-4259039-A: Adjustable volume vane-type pump patent, US-4279229-A: Electronic injection-amount regulating apparatus in auto-ignited internal combustion engines patent, US-4280686-A: Rail end mounting bracket patent, US-4322521-A: Process for producing halogenated aromatic polyesters patent, US-4329838-A: Method and apparatus for detwisting cloth patent, US-4344651-A: Corrosive environment tension packer patent, US-4374722-A: Cathodic sputtering target including means for detecting target piercing patent, US-4406063-A: Pinking shears patent, US-4524356-A: Obstacle detecting device for vehicles patent, US-4553658-A: Apparatus for deflecting articles patent, US-4555971-A: Method and apparatus for covering a target area with ammunition patent, US-4615528-A: Soccer training device patent, US-4620169-A: Magnetically tunable dielectric resonator having a magnetically saturable shield patent, US-4644598-A: Fitted comforter for infant patent, US-4644855-A: Beverage production patent, US-4665881-A: Heated fuel injection system patent, US-4674250-A: Modular building panel patent, US-4703927-A: Jogger's hand weight & water bottle for drinking patent, US-4769846-A: Speech therapy variable code learning translator patent, US-4804600-A: Lithographic mask structure and process for preparing the same patent, US-4835859-A: Method of forming a contact bump patent, US-4882030-A: Air-fuel ratio detection system for engine exhaust gas patent, US-4896492-A: Row unit support mechanism for transverse movement patent, US-4898074-A: Servo-valve arrangement for power steering patent, US-4909241-A: Electric periodontal massager patent, US-4944284-A: Portable stove patent, US-4978553-A: Method of making low-fat butter or margarine spread and resulting product patent, US-5022731-A: Device for optical frequency translation and a modulator in which said device is employed patent, US-5114393-A: Method and apparatus for manufacturing sacks, and sacks obtained thereby patent, US-5226412-A: Emergency respirator patent, US-5321368-A: Synchronized, digital sequential circuit patent, US-5347213-A: Air core gauge method and apparatus with reduced power dissipation patent, US-5445027-A: Method and apparatus for detecting and locating defects in a component of a turbine patent, US-5471489-A: Magnetic means for suppression of lasing in certain wavelengths in a ring laser gyro patent, US-5520226-A: Device for separating reserve turns of thread on a weft feeder drum patent, US-5560684-A: Inflatable bag and tipping apparatus including same patent, US-5642791-A: Plastic bag packing system patent, US-5653007-A: Method for producing a bicycle fork brake arch and legs assembly patent, US-5654869-A: Chip-formed solid electrolytic capacitor without an anode lead projecting from anode member patent, US-5673424-A: Circuit which supplies a clock pulse to a microcomputer patent, US-5696795-A: Offset quadrature phase shift keyed modulation circuit patent, US-5715894-A: Impact screw-tightening apparatus patent, US-5756400-A: Method and apparatus for cleaning by-products from plasma chamber surfaces patent, US-5761414-A: Method for detecting execution errors of a microprocessor patent, US-5787752-A: Method to manufacture cell-cans patent, US-5905682-A: Method and apparatus for biasing the substrate of an integrated circuit to an externally adjustable voltage patent, US-5948183-A: Hot-rolled steel sheet and method for forming hot-rolled steel sheet having low yield ratio, high strength and excellent toughness patent, US-5950003-A: Profile instrumentation method and profile data collection method patent, US-6042803-A: Method of reacting hydrogen sulfide to produce sulfur patent, US-6092886-A: Ink jet recording apparatus patent, US-6134288-A: Apparatus and method for generating a decoding clock signal in response to a period of write and read clock signals patent, US-6216188-B1: Computer system having computer provided with universal-serial-bus and device conforming to universal-serial-bus standard patent, US-6335891-B1: Device and method for reducing standby current in a memory device by disconnecting bit line load devices in unused columns of the memory device from a supply voltage patent, US-6363585-B1: Cord-locking device and a milking unit removal device comprising such a cord-locking device patent, US-6429839-B1: Liquid crystal display apparatus and electronic device for providing control signal to liquid crystal display apparatus patent, US-6481237-B2: Ceiling-embedded cassette type air conditioner having an improved fluid channel patent, US-6540614-B1: Game device including a subset for displaying image information patent, US-6598583-B2: Gasoline direct injection engine patent, US-6646775-B2: Light source for integrating modulator and module for optical communication patent, US-6730468-B1: Silver halide photographic emulsion and photographic light-sensitive material using the same patent, US-6734661-B2: Current Sensor patent, US-6784891-B2: Image display system patent, US-6789107-B1: Method and apparatus for providing a view of an electronic mail message patent, US-3902508-A: Hair drying apparatus and method patent, US-3993540-A: Helium cooled nuclear reactors patent, US-4011518-A: Microwave GaAs FET amplifier circuit patent, US-4089085-A: Sash balances and components thereof patent, US-4157222-A: Document hold-down cover for use in copying apparatus patent, US-4159257-A: Catalysts for hydrotreatment of hydrocarbons including methods of preparing and using same patent, US-4276930-A: Tube nest for a heat exchanger patent, US-4304700-A: Two component aqueous based coating composition patent, US-4366868-A: Rock drill apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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